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On this page you can register your company so that it appears in the Visit Korpo business register: https://visitkorpo.fi/företag

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NOTE! Choosing the right categories is very important. Visitors can filter the results by category, so take your time to choose the right category for your business. If you don't find a suitable category, you can add maximun 5 new category by pressing the "+" symbol on the right of the category bar.

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Enter your company name

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You can choose from 1 to 5 categories that best represent your company. Choosing the right category is important, as visitors will be able to filter the directory by business category. If you don't find a suitable category, you can enter up to 5 categories in the "additional categories" field below, and we will add them manually.

If you can't find a suitable category among the existing ones, enter a maximum of five categories here and we'll add them.