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Visit Korpo
Image of a yellow ferry arriving to the pier in Korpo island

Welcome to Korpo

Map of Korpo and surrounding islands

Where your heart longs

What makes Korpo so special? There are probably as many answers to that question as there are personal experiences of the island. Someone might answer the unique nature; -the beautiful cliffs, the islands, the sea, the forests, the marshes. Another might answer the people; - the village community, the creativity that flourishes on the island, the traditions, the association activities or the we-spirit. Or perhaps it is the experience of the four seasons: the peace and quiet of winter, the call of the seabirds in spring, the eventful summer full of people and activities and the crystal clear air and beautiful colours of autumn.

One thing is certain; Korpo is an unique place on earth. So unique that it is part of the Archipelago Sea's UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Welcome to Korpo!

A small island, with everything you need

Korpo is a vibrant community all year round. The period after Midsummer until the start of school in August is the busiest in Korpo, when the population increases tenfold. But life goes on during the rest of the year too. Korpo has several active associations, many energetic entrepreneurs, and events and activities are organised all year round.

Korpo and the surrounding islands

The Archipelago Sea in southwestern Finland consists of more than 50,000 islands and islets. Korpo is a common place name for many islands belonging to the Korpo municipality. In addition to the main island, there are many smaller islands belonging to Korpo. The largest of these is Norrskata, but Åvensor, Brunskär, Aspö, Jurmo and Utö are also inhabited islands that can be reached by ferry either from the main island of Korpo or from Pärnäs in Nagu.

From Galtby ferry terminal in Korpo (2) you can also go on to other islands such as Houtsk√§r (for those who e.g. take the ring road), Norrskata, as well as islands in the √Öland archipelago such as K√∂kar, Sottunga, √Ėver√∂ and L√•ngn√§s harbour in √Öland.

On the map you can see which islands you can go to with which ferries and where the ferries leave from. Click on the link to go to the ferry timetable.

Ferry harbours

Korpo map with Ferry locations





From the harbour in Pärnäs, Nagu you can take M/S Baldur to the following islands:

  • N√∂t√∂
  • Asp√∂
  • Jurmo
  • Ut√∂

Link to Meritie.fi



From Galtby you can choose between three different ferry lines:



From Verkan you can take M/S Fiskö to the following islands:
Finnö / Käldersö / Elvsö / Berghamn / Lillpensar / Storpensar / Brunskär
/ √Ėstersk√§r / K√§l√∂

Link to saaristolinjat.fi 

Korpo is also the "door" to the Archipelago Sea National Park, which has been recognised by UNESCO for its unique nature. Various shuttle boats operate to inhabited islands in the national park, including M/S Baldur (from Pärnäs in Nagu), M/S Fiskö (from Verkan in Korpo) and M/S Falkö (from Kirjais in Nagu), but they are generally intended for those living on the islands. You can contact the ferries directly for more information. To get to the national park's nature trails on e.g. Konungsskär and Jungfruskär, you can hire local taxi boats that can take you there on request. For more information you can contact:

Facts about Korpo

A part of Pargas municipality
Made up of about 2,000 islands and skerries
A part of the UNESCO biosphere reserve
792 inhabitants
1900 holiday homes
Total land area: 168,85 km²
Total sea area: 2.275,50 km²

Popular routes in the archipelago

Due to its size and geographical location, Korpo is a central island for many archipelago routes. Ferries depart from Galtby harbour to the Åland archipelago, as well as to Houtskär and Norrskata. The very popular "Archipelago trail" and "Small archipelago trail" and the newly opened "St Olav Waterway" pilgrimage route also goes through here. Please note that the entire Archipelago trail is only open during the season! Out of season you can visit parts of the ring road.

The Archipelago trail

Welcome to experience the magnificent archipelago of Turku and the five main islands of the archipelago town of Pargas! Each island is special and has its own charm. The route winds its way through ancient archipelago communities that offer visitors a variety of services in summer.

The Archipelago trail celebrated 25 years in 2021! Hundreds of thousands have experienced the route since its initiation in 1996, by motor vehicle, bicycle or on foot. Next summer, the 250 km long route will be open in its entirety from 12 May to 3 September 2023.

Travel by car, bus, bicycle or foot- you choose

Length: 250km (of which 220km is road)

Ferries: 8-9

Recommended time: 2-5 days

The Small Archipelago trail

On the Small Archipelago trail you can drive around the archipelago all summer long from mid-May to early September. By car, the trip can take just a day, and by bike a couple of days. If you follow the fastest route, the journey totals about 120 km. The Little Ring Road is located in the area of five towns and 2/3 of the whole road is on islands. Along the route there are 15 year-round inhabited islands and a few uninhabited islets. The Small Archipelago trail is part of the more extensive Archipelago Trail route.

St Olav Waterway

Hike through the world's most beautiful archipelago from island to island. The journey takes you from Turku Cathedral in Finland to √Öland - the Islands of Peace - and on to Sweden. In Sweden you have several alternative routes to choose from for the final destination in Trondheim, Norway.

The St. Olof Seaway from Turku to Grisslehamn is both an official Olof Seaway and a European cultural route.